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If you choose to work with us, don’t expect any super revolutionary procedures or miraculous methods that will meet your goals in a few weeks and without any effort.

But that doesn’t mean we don’t follow new trends and apply the latest knowledge in human nutrition. We just want to emphasize that the basic principles of the human organism cannot be outwitted or circumvented. The basis of our eventual relationship must be complete trust and we certainly do not want to make false promises.

The basis of our work with you is always a detailed balance of energy intake and energy expenditure, supplemented by the representation of essential nutrients in your diet. You will recognize that it is not possible to get rid of excess energy stores (stored in fat) when our dietary energy intake is higher than our energy expenditure in the long term. It works the other way around, too. If I want to gain muscle mass, I must necessarily take in more energy in food than I expend. Increasing protein intake alone is simply not enough.  Our body can use protein as an energy source when it doesn’t have a more suitable one at hand. Moreover, the breakdown (burning) of protein puts extra strain on the liver and kidneys.

The preparation of a new dietary regimen must always be closely linked to the preparation of an exercise regimen. And here we go again with the energy balance. However, movement is not like movement and here you need to choose appropriate activities in accordance with your capabilities (physical, time, etc.).

When working with athletes, we build on the same foundation, but add blood work to the diagnosis and go deeper into the details. In sport, without a good diagnosis, it is often very difficult to find the reasons for fatigue or performance decline. Increasing training doses often does not help and is rather counterproductive. It is therefore very important to combine your diet with training plan and give your body the nutrients it needs in optimal amounts. For athletes, we therefore place much more emphasis on the representation of minerals, vitamins, essential amino acids, etc.

And then there’s the almighty psyche. We are not going to pretend that we can fix your psychological problems. We really can’t do that. However, it is necessary to understand what kind of psychological well-being you are in and how this potentially affects your diet and the overall functioning of your body. Sometimes all you need is more exercise and regime changes, sometimes it’s just better to start with a psychologist first instead of a nutritionist. However, we will not keep any secrets from you in this area either. It’s not worth getting your car fixed at the dentist or your teeth fixed at a car service. Everyone understands this, but in nutrition issues, sometimes the real problem only comes to light after a while.

 In the final part of this section, I want to emphasize that our service is always based on these principles. Well, if that makes sense to you, get in touch with us and we’ll explain everything else in person during the initial interview.

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Who will you be working with?

Those who have made it this far are obviously savvy readers and deserve a bonus in the form of my personal story. Don’t worry, the site doesn’t keep track of who has read to the end 😊.

My name is Pepa Jindřich, and at almost 50 years old I left the safe waters of corporate society and ventured into the business of human nutrition.

My life is driven by three great passions. A love of sweets (yes, we’re talking about the white poison or sweet killer that is sugar), a love of sports (especially cycling), and a love of chemistry (especially food chemistry).

Thanks to sports, I’ve never had weight problems, although my candy bill is above average to say the least. I was mainly involved in road cycling and in the 90s I used to meet at races also today’s TV cycling experts Tomáš Konečný, René Andrl or Petr Benčík. But I have to admit in one breath that I remember these legends of the Czech peloton mainly from behind 😊. After my cycling career ended, I started running as a “hobbyist”, from 10 km to marathon. Running has been an important part of my life ever since and I wear running shoes at least 3 times a week.

My passion for chemistry gave me the opportunity to study at the Faculty of Food and Biochemistry at the University of Technology in Prague and led me to develop confectionery at Mars (later Mars Wrigley), where I spent 23 years. It was a long enough time for me to learn as much as I could about food raw materials, production technologies and also about the effect of raw materials and finished food on the human body.

After this introduction, it’s not hard to see that human nutrition in general and of course athlete nutrition is an incredibly attractive area for me and 2022 is the turning point when long-time “maxi hobby” becomes a profession. I believe that honest, quality work is the foundation for success in any industry and I will continue to follow this principle when working with you, my clients.

Here’s to tailored nutrition!

Pepa Jindřich

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