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We use modern diagnostic equipment. InBody 270 (body composition analysis) and MaxPulse (vascular and autonomic nervous system quality assessment). Diagnosis for athletes also includes a blood test. We also measure clients’ blood pressure.

diagnostika složení těla, tělesná analýza, fungování těla

Reducing nutrition

When reducing weight, we base the analysis on your body composition, energy balance and current diet and exercise regime. A detailed diet and exercise plan is always designed based on your possibilities and preferences.

redukční výživa, zdravé hubnutí, shazování kil

Nutrition of athletes

We can help athletes (hobby and pro) with weight adjustments up and down, with muscle growth and performance enhancement. This is all thanks to setting up an appropriate nutritional regime and tailoring their diet to their training and goals.

sportovní výživa, zvýšení výkonu, strava pro běžce

Nutritional counselling for all

zdravá strava seniorů, sport seniorů, výživa seniorů
hubnutí, redukce váhy, zdravé stravování
zdravá strava pro sportovce, běžkyně a stravování
zdravé stravování dětí a mládeže, hubnutí teenagerů

Get in touch with us and together we will find the right way for you. We can set up an optimal nutrition plan for all age, gender, performance and other categories. We work with clients regardless of their preferred type of diet (vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, etc.). We always adapt the nutrition and physical activity plan to the individual situation and needs of our clients.

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What our clients think of us


I wanted to put on muscle for the top and I really couldn’t for a long time. Now I have them! I was surprised that I didn’t have to work harder and lift heavier and heavier weights. All I had to do was do what I already knew and eat right. I should have known this before :-).


Pavel Výborný


Our daughter plays handball, practices, matches, tournaments and a lot of travelling because we don’t live in Prague. All of this is physically demanding for her and eating right is very important. That is why we turned to Mr. Jindřich with a request for help with setting the right way of eating, what and especially when to eat. After the initial measurement on the InBody device, Mr. Jindřich explained to us very clearly how our daughter is at the moment and recommended us how our daughter should eat to tolerate the physical stress well. What to have before training, after training…etc. The whole meeting with Mr. Jindřich was very pleasant, Mr. Jindřich patiently explained and answered all our questions. Thank you very much for your human and professional approach. We highly recommend Mr. Jindřich to everyone.

Vlastimil and Lenka Skopec


I highly recommend Studio Cíl. Mr. Jindřich, after measuring the evaluation of parameters on the Inbody device, calculated the necessary calorie intake and prepared a healthy diet. He also recommended a movement plan. He explained to me the confusion about the meals in a clear way. The studio provides regular support and monitoring of the client’s progress. The consultations are encouraging. I’m satisfied.

Petra Maderová


After a personal meeting with Mr. Jindřich and a comprehensive analysis of my body, health, movement and sending me my weekly diet, he prepared me for the least drastic change in my diet without feeling restricted and especially hungry. Thanks to regular contact, we adjust the diet according to the current situation, both professional and personal, in relation to weight reduction. I can recommend Mr. Jindřich as a great nutrition and diet coach for everyone. who need help managing the weight loss process or even transitioning to a healthier lifestyle



I highly recommend it. Mr. Jindřich helped me to reduce the “faldas” in the abdomen. He managed to bring my hitherto futile struggle to a successful conclusion. I really appreciate his personal approach, especially in the beginning when he constantly encouraged me. He is able to respond quickly to my requests, explains everything perfectly and suggests solutions. I am extremely satisfied.

Milan Kovář


Hello, I would just like to write to others who are struggling with nutrition themselves that it is time to consult someone who really understands this issue. The diet can be balanced even if you use quite normal foods. I have one of these now and I’m really happy, I feel in shape and I don’t have a black conscience when I have two chocolate cubes in the afternoon.

Iva Dohnalová


Super service! Mr. Jindřich explained everything I needed to know and had no problem even with a few phone questions. I bought the FIT & HAPPY package and I am really happy!

I highly recommend it.



As an active hobby athlete, triathlete, I received a gift voucher from my colleagues at work. My goal was to find out more about the functioning of my own body and to set up a proper energy balance and nutrition plan especially for hard days with higher training loads. p. Jindřich explained and helped me understand the next piece of the puzzle so I could take my sporting performance and goals to the next level

Tomas Owner


Professional approach, evaluation of the results and setting the diet according to the measurements on the InBody 270. Carefully and clearly explained measurement data, emphasis on physical activity and a professionally and varied menu according to the client’s tastes and needs. I definitely recommend it!

Vlaďka Vlčková


My son, an active athlete, came in needing to gain some mass (mainly muscle 🙂 ). We contacted Mr. Henry to see if he could help us. After collecting input information and measuring its parameters on the InBody device, we were given a recommended diet and advice on what to do and how not to do it. After the first few weeks, the effect began to show. We consult the results continuously, now we just have to hold on. Mr. Jindřich is always easy-going, reasonable and humanly pleasant to talk to.

Jiří Havránek


I visited Studio Cíl and Mr. Jindřich about three months ago after my futile struggle since the beginning of this year with my less than ideal weight. After evaluating my measurements, he told me where and in what I make mistakes, how to eat differently and better, he advised me with the diet of an office worker and suddenly everything works as it should, I am going down with the weight and I am not afraid to say that his calm approach, advice and insight – priceless. For everything else you have a Mastercard 🙂 I recommend this studio !!! And five stars ? I’d give even a sixth star

Petr Piskač

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